Our terms and conditions are set in order to protect you, the consumer, in case of disagreements on service quality. Please review these terms before requesting a service. The terms are set in a simple and easy to understand points as detailed below:

  1.  No callout charge applies to our coverage areas, which is within 30 miles of our base in Harrow. Outside this area, the customer will be informed of a callout charge of £20 and agreed prior to our visit.
  2. Cancelled appointments must be done with a minimum notice of 3 hours from appointment time. Cancellation within less than 3 hours from your appointment attracts a callout charge of £20. This admin fee must be made by online only through our payment page.
  3. Missed appointments incurs a callout charge of £20. Payment for this charge must be made by online only through our payment page.
  4. No Fix No Fee applies to all repairs where no repair was possible. If the customer unreasonably refuse a repair which we can complete at a reasonable or pre-advised cost, a callout fee of £20 is payable.
  5. Workshop repair: If we are unable to complete the service in your place because; the repair is likely to take longer than one hour or special tools or parts are required, then the repair wil be completed in our workshop. In this case you must allow us to take your PC/laptop to our workshop to complete the repair and if you refuse you will be liable for the callout charge payment of £20.
  6. Recurring Faults: Some Problems can re-occur randomly after repair due to either hardware issues or automatic system updates. In this instance we may elect to give you a free visit to correct the problem again. If the problem re-occur a further visit will incur further charges.
  7. Repairs time: We endeavour to complete the repair in your place where possible. However, if we have to take your PC away for repair we will complete the repair within 24/48 hours. If spare parts are required to complete the repair then because we have to order these parts by post the repair process is likely to take longer time.
  8. All hardware services are provided with a 12 months warranty.
  9. All software repairs are warranted for a period of 1 week. We regret that we cannot provide a longer warranty due to the volatile nature of software.
  10. Data recovery is not covered by our No Fix No Fee due to the nature of the process involved. Minimum charge of £50 inc is applicable for data recovery if the process was unsuccessful.
  11. Data privacy is very important to us, we will not share any information regarding our customers with any third-party organisation. Furthermore, we will no browse through any of our client’s personal folders and respect your private data.
  12. Online payments processing is undertaken by a third party hence we do not hold any of your financial details on our website.
  13. Promotional offers only apply to labour cost and cannot be combined with another offer.
  14. Google Reviews rating shown in our website is correct at the time of setting these conditions. It represents an average rating and hence may change slightly over time as user reviews being added regularly.